Sheeting, Panelling and Shape Cutting

Bindatex provides a precision Sheeting, Panelling and Shape Cutting Service for many materials including Composite Prepreg, Temperature Resistant Textile, Paper, Film, Foil, and any Flexible Material.

Our many years of experience and expertise providing sheet and roll cutting services from our highly equipped conversion facilities, enable Bindatex to respond to the most demanding customer requirements for sheeted and panelled materials.

Bindatex can sheet and panel any flexible material up to 1450mm wide into sheets and panels from 37mm strips up to 4 metre length panels.

Our knowledge of sheeting and panelling across many industries has enabled Bindatex to provide innovative sheeting solutions to meet our customers own demanding production and delivery schedules.

Whether your specifications require your sheets to be interleaved or packed together in bundles, Bindatex can provide the sheeting and panelling service to meet your requirements.

If you require any further information on the Sheeting, Panelling or Shape Cutting services Bindatex can provide please contact us on