Our Slitting and Sheeting Services

Which Industries can Bindatex Service

Bindatex welcomes the diversity which any industry sector can provide. Here are a small selection of the sectors which Bindatex services.

Composite and Prepreg Materials

Bindatex is proud to have provided many years of innovative converting solutions to the Composite Prepreg industry. We have gained vast expertise whilst converting many of these challenging materials and have the facilities to store your products at -18C prior to and after cutting.

The Printing and Binding Industry

Bindatex has its roots in the Printing and Binding industry and has vast experience of slitting and sheeting many paper and textile based products.

Temperature Resistant Textiles

We can sheet and slit many heavy weight specialist and difficult to cut temperature resistant textiles which our rivals have failed to process. Why not put us to the challenge and enquire with your needs.

Coated films and PVC

Bindatex has sheeted and slit a diverse range of coated films and PVC. We can provide a sheeting and panelling service with sizes up to 1450mm wide with lengths of up to 4 metres.