Composite Prepreg Cutting

Bindatex provides a specialist cutting service to Composite Prepreg manufacturers and users.
We have processed the most challenging Prepreg Composites for many industry sectors including:
  •  Aerospace
  •  Defense
  •  Advanced Armour
  •  Automotive
  •  Wind Energy
 We have a vast experience of handling and cutting Composite Prepreg into tapes, panels and shapes from materials such as:
  • Unidirectional Carbon Fibre
  • Woven Glass Prepreg
  • Shieldstrand
  • Prepreg Silica Cloth
  • Epoxy Prepreg
All Composite Prepreg materials can be stored on-site at -18⁰ C prior to and after cutting.
We understand the need to work closely with our customers to fully integrate with their stringent quality standards and procedures due to the highly technical nature of the industries which we serve.