About Bindatex Cutting Services

Bindatex is a UK company specialising in the precision cutting of difficult to process Advanced Materials. Composite Prepreg and High Temperature Resistant Textiles present unique problems for manufacturers and users, by utilising our wide range of equipment and industry knowledge Bindatex can provide a solution to cut difficult to handle materials.


We can provide you with a wide range of cutting services including:

·         Slitting

·         Spooling

·         Sheeting / panelling up to and above 4 metres

·         Guillotining

·         Interleaving

·         Re-winding

·         Reel salvage

If you require any further information and assistance on the services that we can offer, simply contact us with your requirements:


Tel: 01204 399604 Email: info@slittingandsheeting.co.uk